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Other Scientific Activities

Saturday 27 January 2007, by Mohammad Ghoniem

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Contribution to national research programs

On behalf of the École des Mines de Nantes, I was an active member of the French national research project OADymPPaC between January 1st 2001 and May 14th 2004. I participated in multiple work meetings on the global and bilateral levels and wrote several delivrable documents. This includes a contribution to the definition of the generic XML trace format proposed by the project as well as a quite exhaustive survey of information visualization and interaction techniques applied to large data repositories, and also the implementation of visualization tools as part of the project’s delivrables. I also had the chance to present my work at the annual review meetings led by the Ministry of Research.

Work as a Reviewer for Journals and Conferences

I have been serving the scientific community at different occasions, especially as a reviewer for the following publications:


  • Eurographics / IEEE VGTC
    Symposium on Visualization (Eurovis).
  • IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (Infovis).



Besides the dissemination of my work in the form of publications in scientific conferences and journals, I had the chance to give presentations in several seminars and scientific events in France and overseas. I was invited to present my work in the following seminars:

The seminar of VALORIA in Vannes/Brest (France)

On December 6th 2005, I gave a talk about my rearch work, the challenges I took up, the methodology I followed and results I obtained during my Ph.D. work, to the MS students in Human Computer Interaction at the VALORIA.

The seminar of ALGO at the University of Caen (France)

On May 24th 2005, I presented my research at the ALGO seminar in the University of Caen. After an introduction to the field on information visualization, I presented the matrix-based representation of graphs and the results on the controlled experiment I led comparing the readability of the matrix-based representation of graphs to traditional node—link diagrams.

The seminar of LANDE at IRISA in Rennes (France)

On June 6th 2004, I presented my research work at the LANDE team at IRISA in Rennes. I presented the field of information visualization and the main techniques of visualization and interaction with large volumes of data.

The seminar of the HCIL at the University of Maryland (USA)

In April 2002, during a visit to the HCIL at the University of Maryland, I presented the challenges raised by data structures encountered in constraint-oriented programs and the leads I was exploring towards the monitor the activity of constraint solvers.

The GT Visualisation meetings (France)

In December 19th 2001, I presented my work concerning the visualization of search trees encountered in constraint-oriented logic programming, at the meeting of the French research group I3 (Information - Interaction - Intelligence) on visualization GT VISU organized by Mountaz Hascoët at the LIRMM in Montpellier.

On June 4th 2002, I presented the software infrastructure I implemented to meet the needs of the OADymPPaC project, at the joint meeting of the French research group I3 (Information - Interaction - Intelligence) on Visualization and (Architectures, Langages and Formalisms) organized by Eric Lecolinet at the ENST in Paris.

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