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  • Other Scientific Activities

    27 January 2007, by Mohammad Ghoniem

    Contribution to national research programs
    On behalf of the École des Mines de Nantes, I was an active member of the French national research project OADymPPaC between January 1st 2001 and May 14th 2004. I participated in multiple work meetings on the global and bilateral levels and wrote several delivrable documents. This includes a contribution to the definition of the generic XML trace format proposed by the project as well as a quite exhaustive survey of information visualization and (...)

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  • Research Interests

    27 January 2007, by Mohammad Ghoniem

    In the last six years, I have gained a strong expertise in the field of Information Visualization. This discipline provides compact computer-supported visual representations of abstract multi-dimensional data along with appropriate interaction techniques and user interface in order to help explore, reason, communicate and eventually make decisions about massive volumes of complex data. Depending on the characteristics of the data at hand, whether structured (hierarchies and networks), (...)

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  • List of publications by year

    22 January 2007, by Mohammad Ghoniem

    Decision trees and data preprocessing to help clustering interpretation Olivier Parisot, Mohammad Ghoniem, and Benoît Otjacques. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications (DATA 2014), Vienna, Austria, August 29-31, 2014. [PDF] [Bibtex]
    Finding Relevant Features for Statistical Speech Synthesis Adaptation Pierrick Bruneau, Olivier Parisot, Amir Mohammadi, Cenk Demiroglu, Mohammad Ghoniem, and Thomas Tamisier In Proceedings of (...)

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  • List of publications by type

    22 January 2007, by Mohammad Ghoniem

    Published Journal Papers Scalable and Interactive Visual Analysis of Financial Wire Transactions for Fraud Detection Remco Chang, Alvin Lee, Mohammad Ghoniem, Robert Kosara, William Ribarsky, Jing Yang, Evan Suma, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Daniel Kern, Agus Sudjianto Information Visualization Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1. (2008), pp. 63-76, Palgrave Macmillan. [PDF] [Bibtex]
    Readability of Graphs Using Node-Link and Matrix-Based Representations: Controlled Experiment and Statistical Analysis (...)

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